I am currently available to help you or your organization as a freelancer.
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Radically Open Security
March 2023 - Current

Develop and refine FOSS system infrastructure. Admin hardened internal services for a large network of clients and pentesters. Diagnose and resolve issues with platforms mission critical hosted platforms in a timely and effective manner.
Conduct comprehensive pentests for clients to identify security issues in requested target. Use broad knowledge of information security concepts to identify issues with application source code, hosted infrastructure, or any other in-scopeincluding targets. Effectively communicate identified issues and potential resolutions with clients, and provide feedback on actions taken to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities.

Devops/Decentralized Sysadmin
Dcomms @ eQualitie
May 2022 - Current

Provision, harden, and maintain a Docker stack running a number of open-source decentralized and federated communication platforms for users in Ukraine. Work with people on the ground who are effected by outages related to the war to determine the most helpful infrastructure for them. Develop contingencies for file distribution to circumvent authoritarian internet blockages using IPFS, Bittorrent, Tor, I2P.

Systems Administrator
Open Guild
June 2020 - Current

Ensure the safety and privacy of users of our offerings by anonymizing logs and doing user education. Configured web servers to responsively serve content over both the clearnet and Tor hidden services. Contribute fixes and bugs to the software we use upstream. Modified and compiled code to suit the needs of the user base. Communicate responsively and effectively. Remained consistent and motivated without any direction from above.